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Head of R&D Products

Head of R&D Products

Req ID#:  384704

Remote, Any Location, CO Remote, Any Location, CO Remote, Any Location, CO

Job Description: 

🌏 Context

To drive the successful development of each R&D application, we are looking for a Head of Products. The main missions will be to deliver value to customers and stakeholders, achieve business objectives, advance the company’s competitive position, and nurture collaboration and excellence in product development.


📍 Location

The position is based in one of our offices in Colombia located either in Barranquilla, Bogotá or Cali. Partial remote work is possible, with a regular presence in our office to meet the team.


💼 Missions

  1. Strategic Alignment - Cross-functional Collaboration:

    - Ensuring that each product aligns with the overall company strategy and vision.

    - Coordinating market research and analysis to understand customer needs, our competitive landscape, and industry trends, and using this information to inform product decisions and strategies, and achieve relevant market positioning.

  2. Product Performance Tracking: Set goals by establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for each product and regularly monitoring and analyzing metrics to evaluate performance, identify areas for improvement, and use data-driven insights to optimize strategies and resource allocation.

  3. Cost control: propose budgets, follow-up cost and optimization plans to control/decrease Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  4. Product management global methodology:

    - Building Product Management and Quality standards: Set up, promote, and support the implementation of best practices to globally improve our way of making IP-owned software products.

    - Iterative Improvement: Fostering a culture of continuous improvement by iterating on product features, gathering feedback from customers, and adapting strategies based on insights and learnings.

  5. Providing leadership, guidance, and mentorship to product managers and cross-functional teams, empowering them to execute on the product vision and achieve success:

    - Product Vision: Developing a clear and compelling vision for each product, outlining its purpose, target market, and long-term goals.

    - Roadmap Development: Creating and managing a roadmap for each product, prioritizing features and initiatives based on customer needs, market trends, and business objectives. Provide a clear progress status on each product.

    - Team alignment: Ensure that the team delivers satisfaction with user-friendly and efficient products that provide value to end-users and clients. Set up their objectives, provide necessary support, and measure performance. Ensure the team has the capacity to ship expected features and to adapt to the changing market environment.

  6. User Experience: Ensuring that each product delivers an exceptional user experience by managing design teams to prioritize usability, accessibility, and aesthetics.

  7. Revenue Growth: Driving revenue growth for each product through strategic pricing, packaging, and monetization strategies, as well as upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


🤝 How we work

Driven by the Agile Scrum method, our product teams are organized in squads of 8-9 people featuring a Product Owner, a Lead Developer (acting as Scrum Master), Frontend & Backend Developers and QA Engineers. On top of them, our DevOps Engineers and UI/UX Designers are dedicated to all squads.

🎯 Expected skills


  • At least 5 years of experience managing a product as a Product Owner and/or a Product Manager with proven track record of managing and launching successful applications.

  • At least 2 years of experience in team management whatever the size of the team.

  • Communication skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills will ability to articulate product vision, strategy and roadmap to stakeholders including C-Level.

  • Technical proficiency with a good technology background (API, software factory toolset) to understand and support the build process.

  • User centric with ability to observe, collect, analyse and transcribe needs into a detailed product specification or user story.

  • Solid B2+/C1 English Level.


Nice to have

  • Experience of management tools such as Jira and Confluence.

  • Knowledge of the Customer experience management industry.

⚙️ Recruitment process

  1. Meet our HR team to ensure alignment between our job offer and your professional project, expectations, mobility, availability, etc. (30 min)
  2. Meet some of our product stakeholders to make sure that you could fit into our existing team. (45 min)
  3. Meet our CTO Nicolas to ensure alignment on business & product visions, and modus operandi. (45 min)

Job Segment: User Experience, Market Research, Product Manager, Social Media, QA, Technology, Marketing, Operations, Quality

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